Changes to garden waste collection in Gwynedd

Date 24/10/2016

Changes to garden waste collection in Gwynedd

 From January 2017 onwards, because of the much publicised financial pressures facing all public services, there will be an annual fee for the collection of garden waste in Gwynedd.

 Over the next few days and weeks, Gwynedd homes will receive a letter through the post explaining the changes. Households that do not use the brown garden waste wheelie bin will not be affected by the changes, and those residents that do not want the service from 9 January 2017 will not need to do anything.

 For those Gwynedd households that do use the brown wheelie bin for garden waste and who wish to continue receiving the fortnightly service, they will need to pay an annual fee of £33 for a standard wheelie bin (240 litres).

 Councillor John Wynn Jones, Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet member for the Environment, said:

 “Unfortunately, like so much of the public sector, Gwynedd Council has had to look at all services and decide if there are any for which we can charge a fee, so that we can limit the impact of cuts on essential services such as care and education. One of the services we have decided to start charging a fee for is the garden waste collection.

 “I understand fully that many people who have had this service for free for many years will feel put out by the change, but in fact a number of Welsh councils have already introduced a charge for this service.

 “Any Gwynedd household that wishes to pay for this service which will come into force on 9 January 2017should follow the simple steps to register for the new arrangements.”

 Gwynedd households will receive an information pack about the changes over the coming days and weeks which explains in detail how to register to pay for the new garden waste collection service:

 -       On the Council where you can

register for the service. If you haven’t used Gwynedd Council online services before, you will need to create an account which will take a few seconds.

-       Over the phone - if you don’t have internet access you can register by phoning 01766 771000 or by visiting one of the three Siop Gwynedd offices at Caernarfon, Dolgellau and Pwllheli.

 Households who wish to purchase the service can do so by making an online payment with a debit or credit card. The Council uses an external secure service to handle all payments - much like if you’re shopping online. Alternatively, for those who are not online, the service can be purchased by phoning 01766 771000 or in person at the Siop Gwynedd offices at Caernarfon, Dolgellau and Pwllheli.

 Once residents have ordered and paid for their garden waste collection, they will receive a welcome pack that will include a sticker to put on their brown bin to show the collection teams that they have paid for the service. From 9 January 2017, the Council’s collection teams will only then empty brown bins that display a valid sticker.

 For more information, please visit