Back in time for a night out…

Date 13/12/2016

Mabli Non, Gwenllian Haf and Megan Arthur, members of the Storiel Youth Panel

Back in time for a night out…

A group of young volunteers have been contributing to Storiel’s work and have been busy curating an exhibition in the museum and gallery’s reception area.

 Storiel’s Youth Panel - who visit the museum weekly, contributing to various projects - have chosen ‘a night out in the 50s and 60s’ as a theme for their exhibition.

 They have chosen various items from the collection of the museum which is based in Bangor as well as contributing some things themselves. The items include a blouse designed by D H Evans, Elizabeth Arden perfume, a record player and a classic sewing machine.

 Explaining why they had chosen this period, Mabli, a member of the panel said:

 “It’s a period that’s well known for the changing importance of young people in society, this is reflected in the clothes and fashion of the period.  We hope this collection will appeal to every age, especially young people.”

 The youth panel are looking to stage an event to coincide with the exhibition in the New Year. Come and see their work, the exhibition can be seen in the reception area until the end of January.

 Storiel is open from 11am until 5pm Tuesday to Saturday.