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Electronic billing - non-domestic rates

Help the environment by using less paper!

You can now choose to receive your Non-domestic Rates bill by e-mail rather than through the post. 

What will happen if I choose to receive my bill by e-mail?

  • You will receive your bill, any adjustment or exemption notifications, reminders and final notices (if applicable) by e-mail
  • You can print your bill if you choose to do so
  • You can pay your bill securely on-line if you have not chosen to pay by direct debit or any other method 
  • You can inform us if you change your e-mail address by completing the on-line Non-domestic Rates - electronic billing form with your new details.

How do I arrange for my bill to be sent to me by e-mail?

  • We will confirm that we have received your request within 10 working days, and the e-mail will also note when the electronic billing will begin.

How do I cancel my electronic bill?

  • If you at any point decide that you no longer wish to receive your bill by e-mail and that you want to receive your bill through the post again, you can let us know by completing our on-line form Non-domestic Rates - stop electronic billing

What else do I need to know about receiving my bill by e-mail?

If a bill, notification or notice which is sent to you by e-mail is returned to us twice as 'message undeliverable' we will stop sending you your bill/notification/notices by e-mail.  We will put your details back on the list to receive your bill through the post. If you want to receive your bills by e-mail again you would need to re-submit the online form Non-domestic Rates - electronic billing.

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Last updated: 18/03/2014
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