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Monkey Puzzle Tree

Chile Pine or Monkey Puzzle Tree by John Whitehead
Chile Pine or Monkey Puzzle Tree by John Whitehead

Plants – grows to be a large tree.

Evergreen or Deciduous?

Is it native to Britain?
No, it comes from South America. The nuts are an important part of the traditional diet of the Pehuenche people of South America!

The leaf shape is like a short triangle with a sharp point. The leaves are packed tightly around the ends of the branches in a neat pattern.

They don’t really have proper flowers. The small brown/green cones are found on the tree in July. Male and female cones are found on separate trees.

By the wind

The pollinated cones develop and grow into larger prickly seed cones. These take two years to ripen and produce nuts. The nuts fall from the tree during March and April.

Seed dispersal?
People, birds, squirrels, mice and voles.

What eats them?
Most animlas do not eat the leaves of these trees because they are tough. Mice, squirrels, badgers will eat the seeds.


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