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Funky facts:

  • Centipedes have long flat bodies which are split  into rings (or segments). They have a pair of legs on each segment of their body.
  • They can have from 30 to 70 legs. Centipedes are very fast runners!
  • They have two long antennae (feelers) on their heads, which they use to find food. 
  • They have no eyes, but don't need them as they come out to hunt for food at night.
  • A centipede has sharp poisonous fangs on either side of its head. When the centipede finds a minibeast to eat, it kills it by sticking it's fangs into the creature's body.

They like dark, damp places such as rotting leaves, soil and rotting logs. They hide in these places during the day-time.

What they eat?
Slugs, worms, woodlice

What eats them?
Badgers and shrews.

Life Cycle Activity
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